Disagreement Should not Create Hate

So all of my posts so far have been 100% Disney, but I promised in my first post that not everything will be Disney.  Today’s post is about disagreement, love and respect.

I know, I know…way to take the mood down a notch.  The magic will return in my next post, but this is something a lot of people could stand to hear.  Besides, it’s not like we’ve never seen conflicted people in some of our very favorite Disney movies!  Have you seen Inside Out?!

Inside Out

So I have an important question.  When did we reach a point in this world where in order to love someone you have to agree with everything they say and do? To be honest, this world would be a pretty boring and bland place if we all shared the exact same opinion on everything.

But more importantly, you can love someone and disagree with them all at the same time.

Unfortunately, that appears to be a foreign concept to some people these days. Think about husbands and wives. I can’t imagine any married couple agreeing on everything 100% of the time. My husband and I disagree all the time. We have different opinions on many things in life. But we also agree on a lot of things as well. But I don’t love him any less when we disagree and I am certain he doesn’t love me any less either.

I think so much of it has to do with respect. We respect each others feelings and beliefs, which in turn keeps love and respect in our marriage.

I really don’t understand where this mentality of “if you disagree with me, then you hate me” even came from.  What happened to “let’s just agree to disagree”?  Instead people have to sit and cry “victim” day in and day out just because someone doesn’t 100% support every choice they make.

Stop the Madness!!!!  This attitude has got to stop!  If you are an adult, you are responsible for your choices.  And you are responsible for your actions.  You cannot expect even the people who love you most to agree with you 100% of the time, it just isn’t realistic.

And guess what?  You can respect others and their opinions…even when you don’t agree with them!  It’s a pretty simple concept really.  But not an easy concept for someone with a selfish, bitter attitude.

Now I am not an expert, nor am I a parent…but I think the whole “you only love me if you agree with me” mentality runs rampant in the younger generation. So many believe that their parents and others can only love them by agreeing with every choice they make. But real love is not just telling someone what they want to hear. Real love is telling the truth…even when the truth might be hard to hear. Kids expect their parents to bend over backwards to support them in their life choices…but sometimes they make choices that their parents cannot condone. Rather than appreciating their parents’ convictions, they lash out and claim that their parents are hateful or that they don’t love them. What these same kids don’t see…is that their parents love them more than they can even imagine. And every time they accuse them of hate, they break their parents’ hearts a little bit more. Sometimes love means a parent has to make some hard choices…like allowing their children to hit rock bottom so that the only way left to go is up and they can come to realize just how blessed they are to have parents who care enough to let them learn from their mistakes.

But I can tell you now…the younger generation is not a lost cause. They can learn to have that love and respect again. And there are many of them that never lost it. Of course, teenagers are still going to be teenagers with attitude and sass to spare. But the difference is, that at the end of the day, these teenagers love and appreciate and respect their parents for all they do and for all they protect them from. I pray that if you have kids, you are blessed with the ones who love, appreciate and respect you. And if you have one of those who subscribe to the “you only love me if you agree with me” school of thought, I pray God will give you patience and wisdom. And I pray He will open their eyes to see how blessed they are to have parents who patiently wait for them to see the light.

If you have anyone in your life who believes disagreement equals hate, I pray that hearts will be changed and wounds will be healed.  Life is too short to let drama keep you from having a relationship with the people who love you.

And if you are someone who believes that the only way someone can love you is to agree with you…please wake up before it is too late.  Just because you’ve changed doesn’t mean they are required to change too.


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