Smile…It Can Change Someone’s Day!


Such a simple word and such a simple concept.

I know…sometimes it can be hard to smile when you are going through difficult times and dealing with difficult situations.

But I had a brief 1/2 second experience at the mall today that reminded me how important a simple smile can be. I happened to glance up and saw a young guy coming down the escalator. I wasn’t watching him or anything, I just glanced his way while I was walking. He happened to make eye contact and smiled, so I smiled back. Then we both continued on our way.

That brief encounter got me thinking. Something as simple as a quick smile can make a bigger impact on someone’s day than we could ever realize. A simple smile could completely change the course of their day (and maybe yours)…without us ever even knowing.

That mom who has her hands full with little ones trying to get food and is completely frazzled….what would a smile do for her?

That man walking past you on the street who lost a loved one…how would your smile make him feel?

That young girl you passed in the parking lot, who was just bullied at school earlier that day…could your smile remind her that the world is still full of kind people?

Or maybe you are the one who would benefit from someone smiling at you…how would it change your day?

And what’s even better? Chances are you’ll get a smile in return. A small connection with a complete stranger that neither of you ever thought you needed.

And once you start sharing smiles, don’t stop there. Hold the door, say thank you and do what you can to lift others up.

Who will you smile at today?


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